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100% Pure Is Bulls**t According To Bad Timing


Auckland based indie rock band, Bad Timing is releasing a second single - 100% Pure - this Thursday 28.02.19. The release will be accompanied by a music video and a show at the Wine Cellar with support from Tei. and Dead Little Penny.

This is a lead up to the band's upcoming EP Might as Well Be Cabbage which will be released on April 8th 2019.

Band member Chris Marshall shares more, "New Zealand is marketed as an environmental haven, with an international tourism slogan claiming we're '100% Pure'. This is a very untrue representation of our country, where we have lost 70% of our native forests, at least 60% of our waterways are deemed unsafe to swim in, and introduced pests threaten our native animals with extinction."

In other words, '100% Pure' is bullshit and we're here to tell you that.

Bad Timing are some sad white boyz and a non-binary alien angel who play loud music about ~feelings~ and how much it sucks to live under capitalism. They attempt to create conversation around the destruction of the environment and the negative effects that capitalism has on our lives, society and the planet.

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See Bad Timing with support from Tei. and Dead Little Penny at the Wine Cellar in Auckland on 28 February.

Tickets available at the door.

Written By: Radio13