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A Story By Albi & The Wolves


Albi & The Wolves have released the perfect accompanying video to the latest single off This Is War, 'Story'. Directed by the fantastic Gal Hochman, the romantic tragedy set on the West Coast of Auckland sits as an excellent backdrop to the band's ballad.

Gal Hochman started her career in the industry as an actor and slowly yet fiercely made the transition into directing, writing and producing. She is driven by a deep desire to tell telling stories with a heartbeat, a message, a purpose; content that inspires, educates and resonates with viewers.

Whether it's heartbreaking or heartwarming Gal loves creating content with a difference, a voice and a purpose and in doing so she will continue marking her place in the film industry

Chris Dent has this to say about the video and the team, "We are all so happy with the video for Story. Gal Hochman and her massive team had a concept that matches the music perfectly and the end product is magical. There was a huge crew that put this together on our shoestring budget and we are so thankful for all of their efforts. It’s a little bit quirky, dramatic, and playful too and that really sums up the band's essence. If you haven’t already then please check it out!"

This Is War, the new album from trio Albi & The Wolves is a humanistic invitation to share the band’s journeys they’ve travelled and the personal interactions they’ve had along the way.


Albi & The Wolves continue their national tour this weekend with shows at Nivara Lounge in Hamilton and the Common Room in Hastings. They've just returned from Rarotonga where they performed three sold-out shows.


The tour stretches to October, with appearances at festivals in Australia and here in Auckland at the Southern Fork Americana Fest.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of their control, they have to postpone their first American tour and the previously announced dates have been cancelled.

Written By: Radio13