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Albi & The Wolves Release New Single, This Is War


The energetic, upbeat and high energy single 'This Is War' tells the story of a friendship gone sour. The terrifying and uncertain experience of cutting someone from your life and what comes with that. Violin is at the centre of the song, as it often is for Albi & The Wolves, from the entry crescendo to an electrifying solo.

The band worked with producer Scott Seabright, recording the rhythm section in three booths to ensure the energy of their live performance wasn't lost.

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This Is War is the follow up to Tui Award-winning Best Folk Album, One Eye Open. The new album is a culmination of three years of performing, touring and connecting with people. Chris Dent speaks about the new songs,

They are stories about people we have met on the road, it's about them and for them.

The album was recorded largely in Micheal Young's home studio, with Seabright producing. This was a new step for the band, bringing someone in to work with them and craft the sound of the album. The sound is bigger on This Is War, the instrumentation broader, and guest musicians appear throughout the record.

This Is War due out July 26, 2019.

Albi & The Wolves are excited to announce their upcoming national tour. Celebrating their new record they take to the road for three months to perform in some of their favourite towns and venues. The 'This Is War Album Tour' will include the band's first performances in the United States.


Friday 26 July: The Third Eye - Wellington
Saturday 27 July: Kakaramea Hall - New Plymouth
Friday 23 August: Nivara Lounge - Hamilton
Saturday 24 August: Common Room - Hastings
Thursday 12 September: AmericanaFest - Nashville (USA)
Friday 13 September: Isis Music Hall - Ashville (USA)
Saturday 14 September: Charles and Myrtle's Coffeehouse - Chattanooga (USA)
Friday 25 October: Room TWENTY5 - Nelson
Saturday 26 October: Mussel Inn - Onekaka

Albi & The Wolves is Chris Dent (Albi), Pascal Roggen and Micheal Young.

Written By: Radio13