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Album Review: Andrew Fagan and the People - Act Normal

Roger Bowie
Fagan and The People - Act Normal

The great Fagan releases his new album, Act Normal with his band The People this Friday, February 14th.

From the opening song, a poppy rock anthem with a driving beat, Scene of Fun sets the scene: “the night grows old & the game is won”. It’s clear that while the Mockers might be far away, the mocking is alive and well. Lyrics about life, lots of sailing imagery, and the wisdom of middle age: “don’t worry, enjoy it and You’ll be Fine”.

Here Comes The Storm, and the album rocks along with tasty tunes and melodies. Ok you make a Bad Choice, then Act Normal, a little punk posturing here, take your drugs but don’t show it. “Good songs and showing off are not mutually exclusive concepts,” says Fagan.


Andrew Fagan credit Aaron Aldridge2

Image By: Aaron Aldridge

Something’s Going to Happen, and indeed, it’s a Beatle-ish Fuse to Ignite which next lights up the room. So Small takes the tone down an acoustic bit, about a beautifully wondrous small thing which eats up your wall. A ballad to borer? We Fell Out could be Bowie, (also My Favourite Human). But this track is more Mockers, because my favourite human, showing something private, is probably

Someone More Gorgeous Than Me. What? Not possible…..

Ok let’s Move On to the albums quirky finale(s), four versions of the same sardonic take on social media, released last October to allow the fans to vote their choice. What, no votes?... or just a fan prank, because here we get them all, On Channel Me, which apparently has four channels….

Produced by Andrew and Darren Harkness, who also plays cool guitar, keys and sax, and sings along as well. Kurt Shanks on bass, and Ronny Growler lives up to his name on drums.

Track List:
1. Scene of Fun
2. You’ll Be Fine
3. Here Comes the Storm
4. Bad Choice
5. Act Normal
6. Something’s Going to Happen

7. Fuse to Ignite
8. So Small
9. We Fell Out
10. My Favourite Human
11. Someone More Gorgeous Than me
12. Move On
13. On Channel Me [ x4]

Great little Fagan gem, Act Normal (which means just the opposite), check it out.

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