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Album Review: Baauer: Planet's Mad (LuckyMe)

Graham Reid

Well, the London-based producer and big-beat DJ Baauer gets things right with the title of his second album at least.

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But much as this might benefit from being played loud for the thumping beats to get their full spine-rattling effect and the rhythms which will haul the interpretive dancers to the floor – the shapeshifting nature of these 12 pieces means you can't simply lock yourself into a repeated dance move – these 40 minutes end up rather shapeless and leave little aftertaste beyond the obvious: sweat, a sense of weariness and the question, “What do you remember that stood out?”

Yes, blocks are rocked . . . but that's not only to be expected but actually the easy option.

Yes, we get the tribal nature of much of what's here: the loop-into-chant and percussion of "Pizzawala" for example.

And of course, the album's title points to a serious intent which certainly emerges in the chaos: the title track is a killer cut of violence, noise and almost tribal beat intensity which in places is close to The Bomb Squad's sonic palette on Public Enemy albums.

But too often this defaults to that deep thump and/or clattering percussion which inevitably emerges from the quiet passages which open most of the pieces.

It's an album where, after the first third you kind of guess what you are going to get.

If you want the expected then this won't disappoint.

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Released: 19 Jun 2020

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