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Album Review: Bring Me The Horizon - amo (RCA)

Amelia Lim

People change and so did Bring Me the Horizon. Rather, they evolved from their metalcore/deathcore beginnings to create amo, a complete and close to perfect rock album fusing elements of pop and electronic music.

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Oliver Scott "Oli" Sykes - Bring Me the Horizon

The complete change in sound was not a surprise. In fact, Oh No and Follow You from the band's 2015's release, That's The Spirit is a bridge / connection between the 2 albums in relation to the band's sound. To be fair frontman Oli Skyes did warn listeners that this ain't heavy metal in Heavy Metal (feat. Rahzel).

Skyes is also afraid that "you won't love him anymore". That said, I was not prepared for beginning track I Apologise If You Feel Something - I found it too ambient and was momentarily skeptical until Mantra kicked in. That is a true and proper rock track with the right amount of aggression.

Nihilist Blues, featuring Grimes is an electronic number that got a little too draggy for comfort but the band redeemed themselves immediately with In The Dark, also an electronic infused track that is seemingly directed at Oli Syke's ex wife. Wonderful Life, featuring Dani Filth of Cradle of Filth was originally written for Limp Bizkit and as chaotic as it sounds, it's one of the standouts. De-bizkiting it worked.

Lyrically, this little pop gem in Medicine was one of the standouts to me. "some people are like clouds you know, cause life's so much brighter when they go" as Oli sings in the beginning sounds like a stab to someone who broke his heart. Mother Tongue sounds like an overly produced boyband track, but give it a thorough listen as it sounds deeper than the off the mill boyband creation. It is also a great sing-along at the band's shows.

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Photo by @bojanhohnjec

Diversity is a result of creativity but this is often at the expense of creating a division amongst hardcore fans of a band. This is something that Bring Me the Horizon should not be concerned with, because they have successfully created a proper modern rock album in amo.

What's next from the band, one wonders in anticipation.

Written By: Amelia Lim