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Album Review: Cherry Glazerr - Stuffed & Ready (Secretly Canadian)

Reuben Raj

American indie rock band Cherry Glazerr released Stuffed & Ready, their third studio album and second under the Secretly Canadian label on 1 Feb 2019.

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Guitarist and lead vocalist, Clementine Creevy immediately sets the tone of the album in the first track Ohio. "She told me to stay the same / I pushed her into my game / I'm full of the bad, bad problems / so just take me away." Compared to previous album Apocalipstick, Creevy looks at the mirror as her lyrics turn inward in this album about her “search for why I feel the way I do in the most honest way possible.”

The boldness intensifies on second track Daddi, "Who should I fuck, Daddi? / Is it you?" This was the album’s second single and fearlessly shows the ascension of Cherry Glazerr from their lo-fi beginnings to present day with a more polished and unflinching sound. Creevy shared in an interview with Stereogum that Daddi was one of the ‘weirder’ songs on the album and touches on relationships and her subservient tendencies.

Wasted Nun is the band’s third and latest single. Despite the departure of keyboardist Sasami Ashworth aka SASAMI, one can still happily hear and appreciate the synths that builds up the track along with familiar buzzy guitar from Creevy and Tabor Allen’s thundering drums. More introspection here “Under my skin, I need more / I won't mind it if I find it."

That’s Not My Real Life features multi-instrumentalist Delicate Steve and his distinct progressive/surf rock guitar sound. A clear standout on this album. "I will be your naked tree / Take my leaves if that's what you want from me."

Clever lyrics with a punk attitude wrapped tightly inside sweet grunge rock candy.

Self Explained is another lovable track that throws back to the 90s indie rock sound with new wav-ish synths. Was that Delicate Steve back with a fuzzed guitar solo at the end of the track?

Bassist Devin O’Brien (and new addition to the band) really stands out in Isolation and Pieces. "So isolated, I talk to the voice in my head / So isolated, my body is taking a leave." I have a feeling Robert Smith would approve of both early Cure-ish sounding tracks especially with the Simon Gallup bass sound tying the songs together.

Juicy Socks was the first single from the album and released in last April 2018. It starts innocently enough with a neat guitar riff. "I don't want nobody hurt / But I made an exception with him." Creevy confirmed that the song was about Trump and we love her more for it.

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Rarely does a band attempt to put some of their best songs at the later part of their album but here we have Stupid Fish which highlights some of Creevy’s best songwriting. "Empty out my empty head / Stop pretending to see / I can't escape my one-dimensional mind / Hairy people trying not to die." All elements of the band are perfectly defined and orchestrated here. Hats off to Grammy award winning Carlos de la Garza for his sound production ingenuity that hits a peak in the album with this particular track.

Cherry Glazerr comfortably operate along the same veins of Paramore and Wolf Alice. Stuffed & Ready clearly shows the continual maturity of the band with tight songs that will easily tear the walls down when played live on stage.

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The world needs an unwavering band like Cherry Glazerr to provoke the masses with hard questions and a call for action.

Count me in the revolution.

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Released: 01 Feb 2019

Written By: Reuben Raj Reuben is a film and digital photographer who is driven by music in his head. Often seen lurking behind a camera inside the pit of a concert, Reuben harbours intimate feelings for vinyl records. He is also the founder and chief editor of Radio 13.