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Album Review: DADDY LONG LEGS - Lowdown Ways (Yep Roc)

Roger Bowie

The Theme From DADDY LONG LEGS opens this record in an appropriate fashion. Hear the chain gang rustle and stomp and hum as DADDY LONG LEGS himself, aka Brian Hurd urges us to go “stompin all over this land” amidst a staccato guitar and then Daddy’s trademark harmonica evoking the campfire at night. Two minutes, but it says a lot about this little three-piece out of New York, playing if not plagiarising the southern swamp and the hill country blues with more than a pinch of rock ‘n’ roll and punk.

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“Rock and roll salvation through the spirit of roots and blues”, and “I’d call it stompin’ roots and blues” are two quotes from Daddy when asked to define their music.

Let’s also add that they have supported the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, which is a little interesting given that headliners are notoriously careful about being stood up by their openers. Because these guys at times could be Jon Spencer without too much explosion.

Pink Lemonade, (whiskey and wine) has a driving electronica beat which reminds me a bit of Cowboys International and of course Alabama 6. Ding Dong Dang is straight off the hollerin’ gospel front porch frequented by the Reverend Peyton (and there’s Howlin’ Wolf also on the prowl).

Next up is Mornin’ Noon & Nite, a driving blues number in the vein of John Lee Hooker. And here comes a boogie, Glad Rag Ball, which evokes Little Charlie & the Nightcats and Tom Waits.

Ok, you get the picture. Unashamedly derivative, all over the place, but just a lot of fun. Not a bad song to be found.

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DADDY LONG LEGS is Brian Hurd on vocals and harmonica; Murak Akturk plays the guitar; Josh Styles plays drums.

This is their third album and the first one for me. But I highly recommend it, and my only caveat is that this might be a meal even better served live. Put them on the list, Tuning Fork!!

Check it out at Southbound Records in Auckland, NZ.

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Released: 10 May 2019

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