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Album Review: K.M.T.P. - P.S. C U Soon (Sunreturn via DRM)

Sam Smith

Auckland multi-instrumentalist Keria Paterson is a very busy musician. After featuring on the Auckland indie scene for the last five years playing with the likes of twee pop band Polyester and Dirty Pixels, Paterson has now graduated to solo artist, firstly with b-Lush and now K.M.T.P.


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Their first project under this new name is titled P.S. C U Soon and sees Paterson dive fully into the lo-fi bedroom pop realm, a style which no doubt comes naturally given that they both play and produce their own music in a sort of DIY fashion.

The EP contains six deeply personal songs written over a year and sees Paterson exploring the emotions and feelings about being from the country but now faced with living in a big city and all the obstacles that come with that on a daily basis.

These tracks are like a warm hug and see Paterson move quite effortlessly around the lo-fi indie genre, exploring different sounds and production techniques. Opening track Home has a 90s Britpop feel, while Smile and Wave afford Patterson the luxury to experiment in the form of vocoder-shaped vocals set over the top of an industrialised rhythm track.

Moving Along fits within the Midwest emo box and one cannot help but hear Modest Mouse or American Football in Paterson’s dead-pan vocals and twinkly acoustic guitar playing. Single Acting Out, on the other hand, is a quirky bedroom pop anthem and is what I would describe as being the earworm of the album. Success has already come for this awesome track in the form of a number one on the 95bFM top ten.

And then just when you thought Paterson had exhausted all their scope for experimentation within lo-fi indie, the album winds down with the gorgeous I Love My Friends, a gently flowing track which sound-wise conjured up the likes of Alex G and even late-90s era Blur.

P.S. C U Soon is a well-produced and nicely put together first up effort for Paterson’s new project. Their take on lo-fi bedroom pop works wonders here and you can tell Paterson has found a new sense of freedom as a solo multi-instrumentalist and producer through these songs.

Despite on the surface what at times can be a limited genre in bedroom pop, Paterson covers a lot of ground on these tracks and there is plenty of variety from song to song making this a pleasant listen overall. Based on this evidence, the promise of b-Lush and the reputation that comes from playing with the likes of Polyester is sure to rub off with K.M.T.P, making Paterson’s new project a welcome addition to the Auckland indie scene.


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Written By: Sam Smith When he is not writing for Radio 13 Sam works in media and journalism at 95bFM radio and the University of Auckland. He also has is own personal music blog Nowhere Bros.