Alex Cameron Announces NZ Supports



Alex Cameron touches down in New Zealand at the end of this week and today he has revealed that Motte will support in Wellington and Crap Date will be joining him in Auckland.



Performing under the moniker Motte, Anita Clarke and violinist and composer performing alt/experimental pop, modern classical and ambient noise art. She released her first solo album ‘Songs For Movies’ in 2015 followed by ‘Strange Dreams’ in 2017 with a third to be released later this year. Alongside being a guest composer for the Royal NZ Ballet’s 19 Choreographic Series, she has also scored and produced music for New Zealand, Australian and Canadian short films and theatre.

crap date

Crap Date

Crap Date are New Zealand’s romantic catastrophists Jamie-Lee Smith (Princess Chelsea), Marcel Bellve (Lipsink, Battle Circus) and kinaesthetic drum machine, John Ropiha-Silvsgaard. Crap Date swipes listeners right with frustrated anthems for virtual foreplay, drunken disco, synthesizers and relentless chemistry you won’t want to miss!

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Alex Cameron

Performing over 100 shows in 2019, Alex Cameron, with his band – including sax player and collaborator Roy Molloy – the Sydney-born singer and songwriter (now residing in the US) is one of music’s most exciting indie artists. His last tour to AU/NZ in February 2018 saw venue upgrades after tickets flew out the door – final tickets remain for his Wellington and Auckland shows.

Diving headfirst into authenticity with Miami Memory (released in September 2019), Cameron’s latest listen is a love letter to his long-term partner and collaborator, artist and “Girls” actor Jemima Kirke. Bitingly funny, musically expansive and at times lustful, hilarious, vulnerable and tender, on his latest release Cameron delivers his most personal songs yet… all with the same genre-busting, brash pop narrative nous he’s infamous for. Steeped in modern day romance, tracks such as ‘Divorce’, ‘Far From Born Again’, ‘Miami Memory’ and ‘Stepdad’ see Alex Cameron at his wildly subversive and hand-on-heart best.

Final tickets on sale now.

Friday 13 March - Meow - Wellington, NZ

Saturday 14 March - Tuning Fork - Auckland, NZ


Written By: Radio13