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Anna B Savage's Common Tern


Following the release of her recent singles, "Chelsea Hotel #3" and "Dead Pursuits", London-based singer-songwriter Anna B Savage has announced her debut album A Common Turnwhich is set for release Jan 29th 2021 via City Slang. Playing on the album title, today Savage is sharing single & video "A Common Tern".

A Common Tern is a song about Savage’s escape from toxicity; first from a relationship, and then with her relationship to herself. The moment Savage decided she needed to change coincided with the sighting of the titular common tern while on a fishing trip with her ex.

Expanding on this further she said "When I saw the terns, I was pretty amazed: they really did seem like they were just suspended, dangling on the bottom of a thread. Something about that seeming captivity, being on the end of an invisible line, then breaking free. They were at once familiar and yet so strange and weird. I don’t think I entirely grasped the relevance while I was writing it but now it seems very, very frickin obvious. I spent a year and a half after the tern incident trying to extricate myself from the relationship, bit by bit, section by section. It was fuckin hard work, and I did do a lot of apologising. For me, a common turn means the common moment where you decide you just don’t/ can’t love someone any more, and there’s nothing any of you can do about it.''

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