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Anti Matter Introduces Her Fuckboi


New Zealand artist Anti Matter has unleashed her single and video Fuckboi. Well known in the local scene for her energy, and for being a bit weird, but the good kind of weird, Fuckboi creates an alternative pop soundscape wielding sarcasm laced vocals.

Singer Courtney had this to say:
"Fuckboi is a lighthearted chronicle of a broken heart. It was easier for me at that stage in my healing to write a pop song than a heartfelt ballad. The term 'fuckboi' appealed to me. In a society where we have so many sexually derogatory names for women, this was the first time I had heard of one for men. I always maintain in my performance of the song, it's perfectly fine to be a 'slut'. Sleep with as many people as you want, but don't stomp on their hearts. When I use the term 'fuckboi' I'm talking about someone who stomped on my heart. Someone who led me on, who lied straight to my face. Someone who introduced me to his friends and then made up rules and reasons I had to follow so they wouldn't find out we were sleeping together. It was pure manipulation."

This release is the first single off her upcoming debut EP Phoenix, out June 28.

Written By: Radio13

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