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Bored Housewives Club & Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel

The Bored Housewives Club are a pair of cute punks making guitar pop in their bed socks. Their sound harks back to blasting the Violent Femmes and the Mint Chicks while waiting for your crush to text you back.

It’s music for dancing around your Newtown flat to fight off the cold.

BoredHouseWives 1

Aaron Pyke and Alayne Dick have best friend crushes on each other and are pretty much the same person; they’re both queer, they take the same antidepressants and they both wear Old Spice deodorant. Aaron used to play in the band the Big Friendlies and had a #1 hit on student radio. Alayne learnt the drums so Aaron would want to hang out with her.

Their debut E.P., Iti, was recorded in Alayne’s colonial mansion (Newtown flat with concerning amount of mould) and Aaron’s New-York style loft apartment (attic bedroom in Hataitai). Their first single and accompanying music video from the E.P., Zooey Deschanel, is a satirical take on pretentious art boys and the girlfriends that they dream up for themselves.

You can be a mess, but you can’t expect your girlfriend to save you; you might even drive her to do the opposite.

Written By: Radio13