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By Any Means, Jorja Smith is There for You

Reuben Raj
Jorja Smith - By Any Means

UK soul singer-songwriter Jorja Smith has shared a new song "By Any Means" co-written and produced with Ezrah Roberts-Grey. The track will be part of a collection of songs on Roc Nation's Reprise project to support victims of police brutality, hate crimes, and other violations of civil rights.

In July, Smith also contributed the song "Rose Rouge". All proceeds from the sale of this 7” single were donated to the non-profit Kwanda, a platform designed to both help and encourage individuals giving back to, and building within, black communities.

“We have to continue the conversation around injustices that are and have been inflicted upon black people all over the world. This video is a tribute to all the people who have paved the way for black empowerment and freedom. We are not going to stay quiet - black lives matter - they always have. Samona, who directed the video, captured the togetherness and power of the movement and I hope when you watch, you feel with us.” – Jorja Smith

Since her debut album Lost & Found in 2018, Jorja has been busy creating new music. She recently contributed a song for the new jazz-themed Netflix series The Eddy


Written By: Reuben Raj Reuben is a film and digital photographer who is driven by music in his head. Often seen lurking behind a camera inside the pit of a concert or wandering the streets of China with a blond, Reuben harbours intimate feelings for vinyl records and his Hasselblad SW/C from 1965. He is also the founder of Radio 13.