Cable Ties Aiming For First Tour Of NZ

Say What You Mean

Melbourne post-punk trio Cable Ties are delighted to be making it across for their first tour of Aotearoa New Zealand. Playing songs from their self-titled debut album and a whole bunch of new stuff on a lightning-quick four-day charge down the north island.

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Cable Ties are frenetic lead lines tethered to a hypnotic rhythm section. Welding punk ferocity to kraut and boogie they stretch songs past breaking point, searching for that joyous rush. Jenny McKechnie channels her struggles into songs that resonate beyond like-minded punks and give voice and language to feelings deeply burrowed into modern existence.

Four years of jamming, recording and touring have turned them into a powerful live force of chugging punk rock rock.

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Thursday 28th of Feb - Auckland / Whammy
Friday 1st March - Raglan / Yot Club
Saturday 2nd of March - Wellington / Moon
Sunday 3rd March - Palmerston North / The Stomach

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Written By: Radio13