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New Song Of The day: Callum Gentleman - Cigarettes

Cigarettes. Directed by Hayley Robertson.

Former Auckland-based, now US-based musician Callum Gentleman has just release a new single and an accompanying video, directed by Hayley Robertson.

The song is titled Cigarettes, and was inspired by Callum's time spent smoking and drinking with his father.

My only concern was that I was going to get upstaged by a puppet! - Callum Gentleman

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Here's more from the record company:

The arrangements for both the Cigarettes single and forthcoming EP Smoke (due 3rd August) characterise the more moody, atmospheric tone that Callum and his collaborators bring to their live shows. A tone Callum felt was well suited to a song about spending long nights drinking and smoking with his dad. However, Hayley Robertson had a slightly different tone in mind for her accompanying video.

 “I really admire Hayley’s work. It’s always fun and a little enigmatic. I gave her free rein to do whatever she wanted. When she told me her concept I loved it. My only concern was that I was going to get upstaged by a puppet! And that maybe my dad would think the puppet was supposed to be him,” said Callum Gentleman

Having toured his home nation numerous times, and to Australia twice in 2017, this year Callum Gentleman decided to aim a little bigger – he’s moved to America. At the time of writing he’s based in Denver, Colorado.


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Released: 29 Jun 2018

Written By: Radio13