Canadian Tech Death Archspire Seek To Conquer NZ


Canadian technical death metal outfit Archspire tour NZ with special guests, Organectomy + Order of Diptera + Mercy


Canadian technical death outfit Archspire exude talent, drive, creativity, and absolute dedication. A tight live performance, where impressive speeds come grinding to a halt, and in even less time twist and contort into complex passages rife with beautiful harmonies, juxtaposed against insidious melodies. An attention to song writing, focusing not only on technicality, but originality as well, take this sub genre and put it on it's ear. When all the elements required align in such a way that they form something original, and interesting, it becomes a catalyst for something new... and in the case of ARCHSPIRE, all has indeed, aligned.


Joining these grinding tour comes Organectomy, Hailing from Christchurch City, New Zealand, 'Organectomy' have been at the forefront of New Zealand's Slam and Death Metal scenes since first hitting the stage back in 2010.

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Order of Diptera, based in Wellington, is New Zealand's newest purveyors of dissonant technical death metal.

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Mercy is a heavy music collective from Christchurch. When music reaches & creates a drive that knows no bounds, something spectacular will be created. Featuring past and current members from Empty Eyes & Secularity come together as Mercy.

Coming to Auckland and Wellington - A tour not to be missed!

Tuesday 21st August - Whammy – Auckland -- > BUY

With Organectomy & Order of Diptera

Wednesday 22nd August - Valhalla – Wellington -- > BUY

With Organectomy, Order of Diptera & Mercy

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