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CHAII's Viral New Video Stands For Freedom


Kiwi-raised, Persian rapper CHAII shares her debut offering Digebasse (Enough). Uploaded to Facebook on February 26, the music video soared virally on newsfeeds around the world.

Digebasse (Enough) is a statement of joy, the journey to freedom, and hope for change. It’s a positive shout out to cover-up couture. It’s an appreciative nod to those doing it, making music underground. It’s a hand up towards the decolonisation of the mind and western news outlets.

As she raps in both English and her mother tongue Farsi, CHAII is reclaiming her identity.

“It was such an emotional journey, it was like going back to where I spent most of my childhood years,” CHAII reflects. The video was produced and directed by CHAII, and filmed in the colourful backdrop of Oman.

CHAII Hero image by Abe Mora

CHAII by Abe Mora

My concept was simply a commute. A journey through places and people, spreading loving vibes. At the same time, putting a positive light on the middle east. I was doing this with respect to all the underground artists who have to hide away because of their art. Covering up felt empowering and badass.

The track was self-produced by CHAII. Legendary producer and engineer Sylvia Massy provided the final mix, adding her magical studio touch in a way that only she could.

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“This song is very close to my heart and I hope it can be the chant and voice of people. Music is a universal language and I hope to spread that love, and make people dance, and say ‘enough’ to anything they want an end to. We have a voice, we have a choice.”

Written By: Radio13