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City Of Souls blast into 2020 with new single ‘Shimmer'


Kiwi alt-rockers City Of Souls lay down the gauntlet in 2020 with their brand new single 'Shimmer from their upcoming album Synaesthesia - out on May 1. 

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Shimmer is an empowering anthem, which embraces the power and alchemy of trauma and change. 
It’s about having everything reach a point of falling apart and that becoming the catalyst for seeing something greater and more powerful than what could have been without that process. Two conflicting energies only existing because of each other,” explains the band’s singer, Richie Simpson
One of New Zealand’s most reputable acts, City Of Souls was formed in August 2015 by guitarists Trajan Schwencke (Cold by Winter, In Dread Response) and Steve Boag (In Dread Response, Blacklistt). Vocalist Richie Simpson (New Way Home) found their existing tracks immediately captivating and joined the band. Guitarist Marcus Powell (founding member of multi-platinum bands Blindspott and Blacklistt) then joined, and the line-up was complete with Daniel Insley on Bass (Solstate) and Drummer Corey Friedlander (In Dread Response / 8 Foot Sativa).
A live force to be reckoned with, City Of Souls will play a free ‘Music In Parks’ gig in Henderson, Auckland on Saturday, February 29 from 2.00pm alongside Bleeders, Racing, She Loves You and Cherry Blind. The band is then touring with Blindspott across the country in March and April. City of Souls also opens for Deftones at Trusts Stadium, Auckland on March 15.
The band’s new album Synaesthesia is out on May 1.

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