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Concert Photos: Introducing Nashville To Auckland Country Music Fans

Where: The Great South Pacific Tuning Fork, Auckland NZ
When: 26 Mar 2019

A new international touring series by the Country Music Association of America called Introducing Nashville was introduced at the Tuning Fork in Auckland last night. The inaugural series in New Zealand featured rising country music artists Brandy Clark, Devin Dawson and Lindsay Ell with NZ's own country music star Kaylee Bell opening the show. 

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Kaylee Bell

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Kaylee Bell hails from Waimate in the South Island of New Zealand and she spends a fair amount of time herself in Nashville. Her set was warmly received by the audience with cheering and even dancing at the back of the stalls to her songs, Who I AM, One More Shot and latest single, Keith.

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Introducing Nashville with Brandy Clark, Devin Dawson and Lindsay Ell

Brandy Clark, Devin Dawson and Lindsay Ell came on stage to sit in a row together. Each artist spoke about their music and shared stories about their journey. It was especially heartwarming to see the bond between all three artists who genuinely showed respect for each other and a mutual passion for country music.

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Brandy Clark

Brandy Clark is a native from Nashville and her songs from her debut album, 12 Stories was certainly a crowd favourite. 

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Devin Dawson

Dressed in an All Blacks tee shirt, Devin Dawson was charming the audience from the get-go. His easy nature and 'dark' stories about his music and songwriting created a particularly strong connection with the audience.

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Lindsay Ell

Canadian singer-songwriter Lindsay Ell is a familiar face in Nashville having toured with Buddy Guy, Luke Bryan as well as being Carrie Underwood's guitar player. 

Radio 13 photographer Reuben Raj was at the venue to enjoy the country and western music scene in Auckland as well as catch some highlights from the show on camera. 

Written By: Radio13