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Concert Photos: The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill In Auckland

Where: Spark Arena, Auckland NZ
When: 16 Feb 2019
Reuben Raj

American singer, songwriter, rapper and multi Grammy award winner, Ms Lauryn Hill celebrated the twentieth year of her debut album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, with a packed Spark Arena in Auckland, New Zealand. She invited her long time collaborator and friend, Nas to join her New Zealand show. 

MissLaurynHill NAS SparkArena 1996


MissLaurynHill NAS SparkArena 1999

MissLaurynHill NAS SparkArena 2011

Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones or better known as Nas is regarded as one of the greatest MCs of all time and his debut album, Illmatic is often regarded with the highest respect in rap history. 

MissLaurynHill NAS SparkArena 8891

A packed Spark Arena awaits Ms Lauryn Hill

MissLaurynHill NAS SparkArena 2251

Ms Lauryn Hill

MissLaurynHill NAS SparkArena 1007476

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill released on August 25, 1998, by Ruffhouse Records and Columbia Records remains Lauryn Hill's only solo studio album. She performed on stage with a full band in front of a massive screen that projected images from black artists to children in everyday life. 

MissLaurynHill NAS SparkArena 2172

MissLaurynHill NAS SparkArena 2229

MissLaurynHill NAS SparkArena 1007508

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Written By: Reuben Raj Reuben is a film and digital photographer who is driven by music in his head. Often seen lurking behind a camera inside the pit of a concert or wandering the streets of China with a blond, Reuben harbours intimate feelings for vinyl records and his Hasselblad SW/C from 1965. He is also the founder of Radio 13.

What people are saying

  • Malcolm Lange - 2 years ago

    After her Australian reviews i was worried her concert here would bomb. Haveing waited 20+years to see Ms Hill in pleased to say she really turned it on for her kiwi fans. The best concert I've been too. The sound was lacking in quality at times but Lauryn wasn't. Nas had a great gig as well. Thank you Lauryn you didn't disappoint and made a long term fan very happy indeed