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Concert Photos: Thorazine Shuffle Reunited For One Show In Auckland

Reuben Raj
An Affair

Thorazine Shuffle is a nineties indie band that is cemented firmly within the rich rock music history of New Zealand. The band reunited for one show at the Hollywood Cinema in Avondale, New Zealand along with long time friends, Semi Lemon Kola and P-Money.

Thorazine Shuffle were student radio darlings who were championed by 95bFM and other stations in the bnet, as well as by infamous local music channel Max TV. They played numerous bFM Summer Series and Big Days Out - gracing the main stage in 1997 - supported the Beastie Boys, Helmet, Redd Kross, JPSE, Grant Lee Buffalo, and Everclear, and did national tours with Supergroove, Silverchair and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

The band recorded their legendary self-released cassette, Stir in 1993, and two seminal EPs, An Affair and Harry in the mid nineties (Chronic/BMG). Their debut album Your Own PR (Hapuka/Mushroom) was released in 1999.

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Thorazine Shuffle performed a brilliant set of songs from their back catalogue amidst a dazzling light show. The band was made up of Josh Hetherington (vocals, guitar), Jules Barnett (drums), Chris Familton (bass) and Steve Simpson (guitar, vocals). 

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For bass player Chris Familton, who flew from Sydney for the show, it was the first time in 23 years he had played with the band; and in founding guitarist Antony McDonald's absence, Steve Simpson, legendary singer and guitarist from nineties alt-pop sensations Pash, admirably filled his shoes.

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Reuben Raj from SomeBizarreMonkey was invited to the private function and caught some shots of the band in the photo gallery further below. 

Special thanks to Chris Taite from College Hill Productions for the excellent audio production throughout the night.  

Thorazine Shuffle set-list

  • Succumb
  • Clutter
  • Nausea
  • For this Long
  • Enough
  • Secret You Hide
  • Your Own PR
  • Harry
  • An Affair
  • Losing You
  • Blame
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