Image by: Trevor Villiers
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Concert Review in photos: Ha The Unclear at Whammy Bar

Where: Whammy Bar, Auckland
When: 30 Oct 2020

Our fearless foto-guru Sir Trevor Villers was out and about in K Road on Friday night when he came across a double whammy, and Ha Ha, it was Unclear. So in he went, and this is what he found: 

I wouldn’t wish to be in France in this Covid-19 era, and nor would they, but these boys have spent their time wisely in a salubrious setting in North Otago and this is what you get!  Not a bad place to be. Damn fine backdrop, damn fine wine, damn fine musicianship!

Ha The Unclear were supported on the night by Lucky Boy.

Radio 13 thanks and credits Trevor Villers for all the images in this review.

Written By: Radio13