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Concert Review: Neko Case Gets Toes Tappin' And Faces Grinning At The Auckland Arts Festival

Where: The Spiegeltent, Aotea Square, Auckland NZ
When: 18 Mar 2019
Simon William Todd

A drizzly grey Monday twilight, but the warm light of the Spiegeltent is beckoning as an infectiously enamoured audience welcomes alt-country balladeer, Neko Case, and her band to its intimate stage to get lost in her first album for 5 years, Hell-On.

NekoCase Speigeltent AAF approved 9210

It is a perfect venue at the Auckland Arts Festival for Neko Case's modern fairy tales. Its mirrored walls hold its warmth and secrets within, or as Case says on first track Pitch or Honey, “light reflected is many times stronger”. Yes, there’s a real sense of occasion and specialness in the tent tonight.

NekoCase Speigeltent AAF approved 9051

Neko Case and her band

The audience, gazing at Case’s self-confessed spider’s-web-frizzy hair, ignore her invitation to talk to each other between songs. They’re too invested and treat each song like an event, watching their minstrel elaborate her stories with swinging hips, lovely poise at a slightly high mic and deft tambourine action. 

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Wily Jon Rauhouse teeters on the stage edge, working his console steel - or as Case affectionately calls it, his “sewing machine” while back-singer Rachel Flotard completes the flying geese formation at the front of the stage.

An all-together 6-piece band [introduced kookily by Case like a cannibalistic buffet “he’s a tartare situation”] slickly glide from song to song. Well-trodden walking bass and well-loved chord progressions give a lot of this set foot-tappin’ singability - actually knowing the words or not doesn’t matter as there’s some really fun lar-lar-lar variations.

The chaotic-ness of nature, such a lyrical part of Case’s cannon, is also encapsulated in the sounds tonight. From the toms, that frequently sound like moths trapped in light fittings, to Case’s guitar solo in Case of the I-5 Corridor, which sounds like corrugated iron reverberating in thunder. It’s awesome to close your eyes and listen to... away in a different world entirely.

NekoCase Speigeltent AAF approved 9029

Neko Case

And then, of course, there are Case’s lyrics. It’s great, despite the often 4-guitar backing, to be able to hear these so purely tonight. They hold Grimm-esque imagery of nature as both giving and taking away. The bird’s “drowning diving” on Maybe Sparrow, or the “cry like guns across the water” on Halls of Sarah. Case’s voice carries up to the roof of the Spiegeltent, which is like a giant velvet gramophone bell, absorbing and amplifying it.

The band provide a twanging of rich country guitar and delectable, reverberant harmonies, especially on the Brill Building-y Bad Luck. I smile. And it stays during dalliances of Brel-like musical, when the familiar is augmented with jazzier pauses and snatches of sheer lyrical brilliance “In the current of your life / I was an eyelash in your shipping lane”. 

NekoCase Speigeltent AAF approved 9117 

A quick encore, ending with acknowledgement of recent events in New Zealand and promising that the world “gives a shit”. Case and her band finished on Ragtime, with its warming refrain, “Don’t you worry... we’ll be seeing you”. An uplifting, grin-inducing gig for burdened minds.   

NekoCase Speigeltent AAF approved 9093

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Written By: Simon William Todd After loitering on the periphery of the London indie scene in the 1990s, Simon hot-footed it to Aotearoa where he loves his family, English language teaching and writing swan songs. He is a keen follower of Tāmaki’s maunga, enjoying rough and smooth basalt alike. A gig and album reviewer and now radio DJ as well, Simon champions the seedier side of electronic pop and indie rock.