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Concert Review: Pluto Celebrates New Album With Wellington

Where: San Fran, Wellington NZ
When: 15 Nov 2019
Melany Barrington

Following Pluto’s comeback single Oh My Lonely, came a headlining reunion tour with their new album release IV. Playing for Wellington’s San Fran and soon to be Hollywood Avondale in Auckland, these two events feature brand new music as well as classic songs we’ve loved for the past decade, such as Dance Stamina and Long White Cross.

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Running through their series of songs, Lonely Fall stood out the most. Specifically the drums, vocals and lyrics. As it was following Hey Sista, we heard two completely different sounds. The first being a groovy tune for the dancers in the crowd... into a song that could be featured on a soundtrack during a powerful scene. This proves that Pluto can tackle many genres while continuously carrying their own sound that we’ve known for the last decade. This being said, original and long-time running fans should find the new album just as enjoyable as their past music.

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With many guitar swaps and Milan Borich bringing on the acoustic guitar for Contact and Tim Arnold taking it on with Hey Little, the show had many aspects to a unique rock n roll atmosphere. But, I would’ve liked to have seen Pluto more interactive with the crowd. That isn’t to say they weren’t and they don’t necessarily have to jump into the pit like the openers. However, with their hype on stage, they should have led and encouraged the crowd to meet them on that level.

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Though you would’ve thought they’d finish off with Dance Stamina, they ended the entire set off strong with Alight. Where it was the most intense song in their set as the vocals, instruments and lighting were all collectively speedy, heavy and raw.

same name confusion 009

Same Name Confusion

It was about time I checked out locals Same Name Confusion. Opening the night with their unique sound, the band gave an impression of music from the past. With a captivating performance, there’s every reason to be proud of the band for representing the city of Wellington.

same name confusion 008

Swinging around all the stage equipment, you could quickly discover Same Name Confusion have a stage presence of their own. A presence that compliments their live sound. It’s raw, energetic and eccentric. With microphone stands being swung around and guitarist moving side to side, it was impossible for the crowd to not catch this contagious energy. With lead singer Luke Courtney getting close and personal to the crowd with his emotional and rock way of dropping to the floor, rolling around on top of the amps and fascinating vocals the band soon followed with their body expressions.

same name confusion 004

Luke Courtney, guitarist Alvin Bartley and Andrej Radosavljevic climbed off stage to get amongst the crowd. With glowing yellow lights behind, lead singer Luke and his microphone in the air created a perfect silhouette that a camera or review cannot capture as well as those who saw it live.

With the guitarists returning to the stage, you find Luke laying on the venue floor with the crowd surrounding him and singing the lyrics with him. Same Name Confusion should be leaders of surreal performances and one not to be missed.

Catch Pluto when they perform next on 23 November at the Hollywood Theatre in Avondale, Auckland. Tickets still available at Banished Music

Radio 13 thanks and credits Melany Barrington for all the images featured in this article. 

Pluto's setlist from Wellington

  • Oh My Lonely
  • Waiting Watching
  • Long White Cross
  • Stick With It
  • Baby Cruel
  • Moscow Snow
  • She's Jive
  • Revolting
  • Rainbow Blood
  • Suzie
  • Hey Sista
  • Lonely Fall
  • Contact
  • Radio Crimes
  • Hey Little
  • Dance Stamina
  • Alight


Written By: Melany Barrington