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Concert Review: Rhian Sheehan And A Quiet Divide

Where: Q Theatre, Auckland NZ
When: 26 Oct 2018
Tokyo Shadows (Live)

Rhian Sheehan brought his new album, A Quiet Divide, to life at Auckland’s Q Theatre. The Wellington-based composer presented a stunningly-unique show that was a treat for the eyes and the ears.

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After experiencing the immersive aural and visual feast that of The Great Divide Live, all I can say is, Wow!”

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Well, I will fill out the review with a few more words, but really, words fail to describe the beauty and emotions that Sheehan and his group conjure up over the course of two hours.

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A Quiet Divide is Sheehan’s first new album in five years, and it is well worth the wait. His genre-bending music incorporates elements of orchestral chamber music, jazz, electronica and post rock resulting in something that is truly unique. The songs are largely instrumental… just a few ambient vocals… but the music speaks directly to the heart.

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Accompanying Sheehan, who played electric guitar and electronics, was a superlative group of players including the Black Quartet (and friends) number 6 string players, pianist Raashi Malik, vocalist Anna Edgington, keyboard player Ed Zuccollo, bassis extraordinaire Marika Hodgson, Grant Myhill and Steve Bremner on drums & percussion and guitarist Jeff Boyle, on loan from Jakob.

In addition to the exquisite sonics, mixed beautifully by Chris Taite, the visual element was equally impressive.

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Three transparent projection screens were draped in front of the stage while a combination disco ball/ rotating prism, designed by Weta Workshop, hung from the middle of the stage, with multi-coloured lasers shooting out at various intervals.  

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The images projected on the screens ranged from abstract digital animation to real life dancers to anime-style cartoons. They always fit the mood of the music which ranged from gentle and introspective to explosive and jarring.

The segment that incorporated a series of text messages sent between long-distance lovers about to be reunited was especially thrilling.

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The show was presented in two halves with selections from A Quiet Divide making up most of the first half, while songs from earlier works such as Stories From Elsewhere (2013) and Standing In Silence (2009) comprised the second half.

I found the first half more emotionally engaging, while part two was an opportunity to close my eyes and chill. The only problem being, that if I closed my eyes, I missed the wonderful visuals. And believe me, this is one show that you want to experience in its entirety.

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Rhian Sheehan set list:

First Half:

  1. Elegy For The Past
  2. Between Us And The Dying Starlight
  3. Absence Of You
  4. Lost Letters
  5. Soma Dreams
  6. April
  7. Atlas
  8. We Danced Under A Broken Sky
  9. The Upper Sky
  10. La Boite A Musique
  11. Little Sines

Second Half:

  1. Part 10 SIS
  2. Thimble Full Of Sorrow
  3. Part 2 SIS
  4. Part 3 SIS (Niva’s Tune)
  5. Nusquam
  6. Nocturn 1985
  7. Tokyo Shadows
  8. Somnus  


Written By: Radio13