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Concert Review: Summer Is Good, But U Have To Lose Weight

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Where: Yuyintang Park 育音堂音乐公园, Shanghai China
When: 21 Jun 2020
William Griffith

Sunday nights at Yuyintang Park are becoming my routine as it gives me a chance to scratch off bands new to my ear off my list, mainly the slew of Shanghai bands I need to familiarize myself with.


Temple of Exile 流亡寺

First up on the bill tonight were the urban pop outfit of Temple of Exile 流亡寺 - not exactly my cup of tea but there’s a guitar-driven folksy charm to the way the band approaches what is at the end of the day pop music.


Sisyphe 西西弗

Following them were Sisyphe 西西弗, veterans I’m told of the scene, who lean harder into electro-pop territory, albeit with bursts of funk and post-rock musicality that threw me off. Lots of diehard fans for these cats, but again not my cup of tea. 

Dahlia Rosea2

Dahlia Rosea

Now if said cup of tea was of the herbal variety, perhaps some zesty chai tea, then I might be persuaded. That’s where Dahlia Rosea comes in, whose old-school 90s alt-rock fused with classic psychedelic tones continues to impress. They had a whole catalogue of new songs on hand, and while they may need to be workshopped a bit more, I’m liking what I’m hearing from them and expect good things down the road. 


So there you have it - Sunday nights at Yuyintang Park! Keep em coming! 

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Written By: William Griffith William Griffith is a photographer, videographer, writer, and music promoter living in Beijing/Shanghai for over ten years. He’s the founder of LiveChinaMusic - a site dedicated to China's evolving underground music scene - and a co-founder of Subtropical Asia - a platform that promotes creatives around Asia through film. You can usually find him with a camera and a beer at a gig.