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Concert Review: We Light Fire With Julia Deans

Where: The Great South Pacific Tuning Fork
When: 01 Sep 2018

Julia Deans closed out her We Light Fire tour with a triumphant show at Auckland’s Tuning Fork.

Deans generated a bit of buzz recently when she was quoted regarding the noisy crowd at her show at The Sherwood in Queensland, chastising them for their “$40 conversation”.

That certainly wasn’t an issue at The Tuning Fork, where Julia and her band held the crowd’s attention from the moment they took the stage.

And what a band.

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In addition to Deans’ own guitar and keyboard work, there was Reb Fountain on guitar, Richie Pickard playing bass, Jono Sawyer on drums and Natalia Sheppard, aka Tali, on BVs.

The gentlemen holding down the rhythm section did a fine job, but it really was the ladies up front that kept the crowd in thrall, particularly when they blended their voices.

Julia’s lead vocals were exquisite… she truly inhabits these songs…

The set began with the slow, brooding Clandestine, with its low hum and languid beat eventually being joined by Reb’s noir-ish guitar and Pickard’s bass.

From there, the energy level rose as they kicked in to high gear during Souvenir and The Wish You Wish You Had, a fave from Deans’ debut album, Modern Fables.

Julia’s lead vocals were exquisite… she truly inhabits these songs… but it was when all three women sang together that the magic really happened, such as on The Panic and Walking In The Sun.

I noticed quite a few of Julia’s musician-friends were in the audience. Anna Coddington, who sang and played guitar with the band when they opened for Marlon Williams was there, as was Marlon himself.

And why wouldn’t they be?

After a long night bouncing from venue to venue and rocking hard at The Others Way Festival just 24 hours earlier, it was a joy and a pleasure to spend the evening with Julia, her band, those voices and those songs.

Let’s hope she doesn’t take another seven or eight years to release her next album.

Radio 13 thanks and credits Matthew King for all the photos in this article. 

Julia Deans set list:

  1. Clandestine
  2. Souvenir
  3. The Wish You Wish You Had
  4. All Of Thee Above
  5. Recovery
  6. Pick Up
  7. Centre
  8. Skin (Everything Is Coming To A Halt)
  9. Burning Cars
  10. The Panic
  11. We Light Fire
  12. Modern Fables
  13. Walking In The Sun
  14. A New Dialogue
  15. Chelsea
Written By: Radio13