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DARTZ Aims For Success No Matter Whatz


Dreamed up within the mouldy walls of one of Wellington’s most notoriously shit flats, ciggy-loving fiends DARTZ are the new band on the block in the capital, and they’re here to entertain. Not content to sit at home smoking durries, the four-piece are lighting up the Windy City’s live scene with a party punk sound that can coax even the weariest partygoer to the dancefloor.

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DARTZ ignited into being back in February opening for Aussie pub-rock heavyweights The Chats. Playing their first show to a full house at Meow, DARTZ received such praise as “It wa[s] fucking mint. Cheers for not being shit” and “you guys are gonna spread like ciggy ashes in the chop bowl”.

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Since then DARTZ have spent their first six months bringing a loud, loose and frothy live show to every venue and house party the capital has had to offer, earning themselves a core base of rowdy Wellington students that won’t hesitate to spend their hard-won Studylink cash on a DARTZ ticket, t-shirt or custom branded lighter. If you’re looking at a shirt depicting a vaping property manager getting punched in the face by a dart-smoking, leather-jacketed vandal, there’s no doubt that you’ve met a true DARTZ fan.

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No Matter Whatz
Releasing August 2nd, No Matter Whatz is DARTZ’s debut EP, putting forward their house party-tested punk anthems to the rest of the world for the first time. Named after the band’s policy of taking it to the limit, whether they’re on stage, partying, trying to scam a dart off a mate, or following back on insta @smokedartz, the five-song collection gives listeners a first glimpse into the high energy and singalong rowdiness that DARTZ brings to the bill.

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Recorded live in a lounge and produced by local superstar Joel Cosgrove (of Eyegum Music Collective and Destroy All False Metal fame), No Matter Whatz reflects the reality of 18 to twentysomething life in Wellington – suffering through sub-par student accommodation and social media-induced anxieties, balanced out with a healthy diet of darts, beers, pingers on a Wednesday, and sometimes a sneaky karaoke...

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On tour August 2019

To celebrate their first release, DARTZ are heading across the North Island with a four-date tour in August. Taking their frothy, party punk bangers and electric live show outside of their hometown for the first time, these ciggy- loving fiends will be hitting Auckland, Whanganui, and a classic Kiwi house party in Hamilton, before a Wellington homecoming on August 31 at Caroline.

Like that infamous regular at the local RSA getting down for a boogie with a shaky handle of Red, DARTZ will be bringing the froth to the dancefloor, No Matter Whatz.

Written By: Radio13