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Dead Little Penny Release Depression Single & Video


A new year sees a new side of Dead Little Penny revealed with their latest single, Depression, which follows on from the release of their delicate and emotional track U 4 Me, and their luscious shoegaze-synth anthem Honeycomb, which saw the band named “bonafide masters of fuzz” by Australia’s Happy Mag.

Despite the title, ‘Depression’ appears lighter in mood with swaying, jangly electric guitar, but quickly Smith's dark sarcasm appears and sets us straight with the opening lyrics, "Hey honey you’re beautiful and I think you know you are".

When you hit the chorus the song’s roots are clear and its almost as if Courtney Love is singing to you, in a track unmistakably grunge, but that’s not where this eclectic gem finishes. In comes Smith’s haunting surf-guitar solo, followed closely by an arpeggio synth and instrumental section.

Throughout the track, the guitars and synth become louder and more fervent, creating a veil of noise that swallows up the mix with a beautiful intensity, reminding us just why Dead Little Penny were consistently named as one of the best shoegaze bands to emerge from New Zealand in 2018.

“Writing this track was totally cathartic for me, because it’s something I’ve dealt with so many times - two people falling in love, who both have their own personal struggles and demons.

‘Depression’ is a nod to the many times in life that you can tell a potential love situation may be a complete train wreck, but being unable to stop your feelings, and wanting to stand by someone in their darkest times, even though you have yours too. So basically, life.

I’ve loved writing, recording and performing this song, because of it’s grungy nature and gritty vocals. It just gets it all out.” - Hayley Smith

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The self-produced track was mixed by Murray Fisher (Fazerdaze/Marlin’s Dreaming), and will be celebrated with a release party at Whammy Backroom on January 25th, with support from Lexxa and Two Cartoons. They’ll also be appearing at Music In Parks: Indie Pop Stars, on March 31st at the Auckland Domain with Ha The Unclear and Boycrush.


Written By: Radio13