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Dominic Blaazer Returns To The Pumphouse Theatre In Auckland


If you have - or have had - kids at any of the above schools, the chances are they know music teacher, Dominic Blaazer. In some cases, he’s taught entire families of children.

As a music teacher, I lead every student towards performance. It’s an incredible bonus for both of us that I can cherry-pick the most promising to perform my music.

A Devonport resident for a number of years, Dominic Blaazer released his 2018 solo album to great critical acclaim, celebrating that at a filled Pumphouse show last May, with some guests arriving especially from Wellington and Australia. On February 23rd 2019, he’s bringing back his pop orchestra (this time, with extra players) to perform his songs once more.

Blaazer’s well-crafted tunes are for those who love the classic sounds of orchestral pop music and want to hear every detail of a skilful performance. The Pumphouse’s superb Genevieve Becroft Auditorium and Blüthner grand piano make this a joy for audience and performers alike.

From the PumpHouse:
An evening of tight, melodic and poetic tunes with a great little orchestra working in sync.

Last year was one of packed houses and superb reviews for Blaazer’s album The Lights Of Te Atatu. His talented and lush 10-piece brings together members of the ASO, APO and From Scratch as well as three music specialists, with the youngest member just 11.

A stalwart of NZ music, Blaazer has played alongside Don McGlashan, SJD and The Chills, also accompanying the Topp Twins, John Rowles, Goldenhorse, David Kilgour and The Clean, among many others.

His songwriting is compared favourably with Jimmy Webb, Bacharach and Lennon.

Nick Bollinger said the songs were “beautifully refined … sound like classics, fearless and perfect,” while Graham Reid wrote, “magical and resonant … These are fine songs.”

Marty Duda called the last Pumphouse show “outstanding,” singling Blaazer out as “a formidable songwriter and fine storyteller, calling to mind the best of Bacharach/David.”

Grant Smithies sums up best why you won’t want to miss this show: “gorgeous arrangements make this so very special. Your heart might just break.”

Dominic Blaazer and the Maximum Philharmonic Orchestra plays
Dates: Sat 23rd Feb at 7:45pm
Venue: The PumpHouse Theatre
Tickets: $30

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Released: 30 Jan 2018

Written By: Radio13