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Don't Fear The Tokoloshe!

Tokoloshe filmed, edited and directed by Connor Pritchard & Dijian Eccles

Following the release of her critically-acclaimed My Design, On Others Lives in April this year, Estère teams up with the poetically tongued NZ/ Rwandan MC Raiza Biza, to take on the myth of an infamous figure in cross-continental African folklore, the Tokoloshe.

In this first song produced and mixed by Estère for another artist, Raiza masterfully creates an intense feeling of unease in his verses, provoked by the Tokoloshe as a lurking presence and dark metaphor for festering fear and anxiety.

I won’t succumb to your voice now,
I will not come when you call,
I have no fear of the dark now,
You don’t control me at all.

This is an ode to reclaiming power over your thoughts, your identity and your sense of self, even when you feel the presence of the Tokoloshe hiding in the shadows.

Creating the Tokoloshe video was a true exercise in long distance collaboration, with parts of it shot in both London and Auckland, and brought together with the editing skills of talented director Connor Pritchard.

RR TheAdults Powerstation 70

The dynamic duo recently toured Australia and New Zealand with Jon Toogood’s The Adults to perform their latest record, Haja.

Since finishing off a run of album release shows in early May, Estère took off overseas for a consecutive string of shows in the UK, France and Germany, playing a full set at AFROPUNK Paris and finishing up at BIG SOUND Australia earlier this month.

 estere eurotour

See above for more shows around France coming up over September/October.

Written By: Radio13