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Find jazzy bliss in SDEWDENT

Produced in partnership with LiveChinaMusic

William Griffith
Sandclock by Sdewdent & Voision Xi

Shanghai producer and hip-hop jazz alchemist Sdewdent finds bliss between the world of instrumentals grooves and simmering beats on his intoxicating self-titled debut with Shanghai-based label Eating Music.

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Taking cues from such acts as Madlib, Yussef Dayes and Kammal Williams, as well as collaborating with a slew of the local scene’s most sensational musicians including jazz singer Voision Xi, producer Pacoz and more.

Sonically light on its feet yet rich in detail - it’s a warm-hued rhythmic tour de force that’s tailor-made for dusk in the summertime.

Radio 13 thanks William Griffith from for the introduction above.

Executive-Producer - Cookie Zhang
Producer - Sdewdent
Mixed & Mastered by Sdewdent
Cover Art by Gyoko

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Released: 16 Jun 2020

Written By: William Griffith William Griffith is a photographer, videographer, writer, and music promoter living in Beijing/Shanghai for over ten years. He’s the founder of LiveChinaMusic - a site dedicated to China's evolving underground music scene - and a co-founder of Subtropical Asia - a platform that promotes creatives around Asia through film. You can usually find him with a camera and a beer at a gig.