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Finn Andrews Releases New Song: Wide Winged Bird


There was an old folk tale I heard when I was a kid, and it began with : there once was an ocean, and in that ocean there was an island, and on that island there was a hill, and on that hill there was a house, and in that house there was a room, and in that room there was a box, etc etc... This song isn't part of any new album campaign or anything, it's really just a playful image that I hope will be of some small benefit at the moment while some of us are still all cooped up in our homes: a wide-winged bird flying over it all.”

This isolation musical treat was recorded in early March 2020 at Roundhead Studios w/ Tom Healy, Cass Basil (bass) and Dave Khan (violin).

Listen To Wide Winged Bird HERE

Watch Marlon Williams and Finn Andrews catch up via video link to talk about their strange new realities, their punk dads and a few covers.


Written By: Radio13