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Friends to the Enz: The Stranglers

David Boyle

If you are a Stranglers fan you are going to love Boylee's latest radio show, "Friends to the Enz". He's joined by one of their disciples and his very good friend Simon Pennington to relive the old days and their most recent gigs along with a great selection of tracks to boot.

Tracks including "Waltzinblack", "Peaches", "Skin Deep", "(GetA) Grip (on yourself, Nice N Sleazy", "The Raven", "Relentless", "Just Like Nothing on Earth", "Peasant in the Big Shitty", "Toiler on the Sea" and "No More Heroes".

Check it out here:

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Simon Pennington and David Boyle (supplied)


Written By: David Boyle David’s day job is head of sales and marketing at Mint Asset Management. It doesn’t sound very rock and roll does it? But don’t be put off, he is passionate about music and has been nearly all his life. Better known as Boylee, he can’t sing a note in tune, remember a complete song lyric, nor play an instrument of any sort, but he does have an eye-opening knowledge of modern music and is never shy to share it with his friends and peers.