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Get In The Hole With Makeshift Parachutes


Auckland via Texas, psych-wave group Makeshift Parachutes share The Hole, a compelling episode of synthesized textures and sweeping melodies, accompanied by a haunting, off-kilter video directed by Craig Murray and produced by Stephanie Escalante.

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Makeshift Parachutes is Sharif O’Connor (guitar/keys), Daniel O'Connor (bass/vocals), Christian McCollum (vocals/guitar) and Arthur Brewer (drums/keys).

Formed in 2013, in a wine cellar somewhere in the depths of Austin’s City Limits, the psychedelic quartet began piecing together their electric live show and having fun with effects/gear along the way. When the O’Connor brothers returned home to Aotearoa in 2015, McCollum and Brewer followed, and the rest is history. Since then, Makeshift Parachutes have shared a small catalogue of releases online, including King Eeyore’s Xanax Party, which was released in May 2018.

Written By: Radio13

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  • Andrew - 3 months ago

    I found this band on Spotify recently and it's genuinely one of the few bands I can't wait to release new music. The funky synth sounds and darkish lyrics combine to deliver a mood that is unique and multidimensional in its appeal. I love how the drums work in this band. It's like the drums lead and create the space for the synth... grounding and steering it. All in all Im in love. A happy fanboy.
  • Anne - 3 months ago

    This band is dope AF!! Can't believe I'm just now discovering them.

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