Give a Boost to the THINK Coromandel Gig Guide


Many of the folk who spread the word about New Zealand music and what's going on are VOLUNTEERS. Most of the websites where you go to get your news, reviews and interviews are managed and written by VOLUNTEERS. All of us at Radio 13 give our time freely because we are passionate  about music and enjoy giving our friends the artists support. 

But sometimes even volunteers need a little cash. And if you go to the Coromandel for your weekends or holiday breaks you might like to know what's going on there so you can catch a surprise gig when you least expect it.

That's why Kenzie and Emma need some help to keep their  THINK Coromandel Gig Guide going.

Here's what they say: 

"If you haven't heard of the Think Coromandel Gig Guide, please do check out our website and our insta/fb @thinkcoromandelgigguide for more information about what we do.

Basically we collate a monthly Coromandel Gig Guide that is fully inclusive of ALL events. We put all the information into one place, so it's easily accessible for people to find out what's actually happening on the Coromandel Peninsula. We promote the shit out of all the events through our socials. and on top of that we feed back into our community by holding our own events, bringing in musicians and artists, and also helping other groups to apply for funding so they can hold events too. Supporting and helping to grow the music and arts scene on the Coromandel is our thing".

So please consider giving them a hand to raise the $4k or so they need to keep you informed while you soak up the sun

Donate to the Coromandel Gig Guide Here

Written By: Radio13