Graeme James Takes The Long Way Home


After completing his most extensive tour of the U.S. to date, acclaimed New Zealand singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Graeme James announces his Nettwerk debut album, The Long Way Home, will be released January 25, 2019.

To celebrate the news, he shared a music video he self-created for lead single The Times Are Changing, a song that was inspired by a faded aerial photograph from the 1960’s that he found while on holiday.

He said of the track,

The lyrics are an attempt to capture the bittersweet emotion you feel when you look back and reflect on the changes both in and around you. It’s knowing that nothing will ever be the same, while realising that this fact is the very thing that makes the present both meaningful and exciting.

In keeping with that theme, Graeme captured 50,000 photos from high places in the Netherlands over the course of one week and stitched them all together.

Rooted in folk’s rich storytelling and musical traditions, Graeme furthers the lineage with an imaginative textural approach in which he carefully crafts multi-instrumental soundscapes. His dynamically layered compositions feature him playing violin, electric violin, guitar, bass, baritone ukulele, mandolin, harmonica, percussion, and beatboxing. He produces his own albums, and he faithfully recreates his textural tunes live in real time with a loop pedal.

The Long Way Home is a warmly insightful, lushly layered modern folk album that explores time and space through a vibrant variety of perspectives.

In addition to The Times Are Changing, Graeme just released a second album track called Reverie, a moody ethereal song crafted to conjure that disorienting feeling we experience waking up from a strange dream and surveying reality.


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Released: 25 Jan 2019

Written By: Radio13