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Gramsci play Inheritance Live at ASB Waterfront

Friday August 21

Roger Bowie

Next month rock trio Gramsci will take to the stage to perform the new critically lauded album Inheritance in its entirety on Friday 21 August at Auckland’s ASB Waterfront Theatre.

The live show will be an immersive listening experience featuring curated audio-visual content for each of the album's ten tracks, plus a selection of earlier Gramsci material.

Gramsci’s Paul McLaney will be joined by his Inheritance musical cohorts Greg Haver on drums and Jol Mulholland on guitar and together, with an amazing team of theatre creatives on board, will bring all the glory of Inheritance to life, as a visual companion to the entire album.

"From its inception, I have envisaged this album as a live performance. It's an exploration of all the things we are and the things we do that matter; our legacies. I'm so excited to be working with the ASB Waterfront team to really interrogate the possibilities of their beautiful theatre and bring the vision to life” says Paul McLaney.

As the backbone of the next chapter of Inheritance, the live performance promises to be a truly captivating visual and aural experience turned up to epic proportions, and should not be missed! Tickets are on sale now, rally your friends and secure the group special.


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Friday 21 August  - ASB Waterfront Theatre - Auckland

Tickets On Sale Now from |0800 282 849

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