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Guy Garvey's dark Angel released


Elbow frontman Guy Garvey has released a new single, “My Angel,” marking his first new music as a solo artist since 2015’s Courting the Squall. The sinister-sounding track is the theme song to a new BBC One drama, Life, which premieres tonight.

My Angel explained the artist, is about “the potential for heaven and hell in any relationship.

In an interview with the NME, the Elbow frontman added, “It’s got perhaps the most mawkish guitar solo ever. I imagined I was Joe Cocker on four tabs of acid for that solo.”

He also shared that the song’s opening lyric ( “I’ll stand outside your window until I’m furniture for birds”) was borrowed from an old, unreleased Elbow track.  “It’s the romantic Sleeping Beauty image of waiting for someone for 100 years which, with the heave-ho of the music, gets darker and stalker-ish.”

My Angel available HERE


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