Strangers. Co-directed by Jessie Hill and Halsey.

Halsey Gets Beaten Up In New Video


Strangers is one of Halsey's most popular songs from her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom album. Her duet with Lauren Jauregui from Fifth Harmony is now captured in a bloody video showing the two pop stars battling in a boxing match with Shakespearean undertones. 

Strangers albumart

I just love that Lauren and I are two women who have a mainstream pop presence doing a love song for the LGBT community, it's unheard of. It's very rare to see it from a female perspective - Halsey.

In spite of this, some fans expressed that the video was not 'gay enough', prompting Halsey to respond over Twitter on how the video was meant to be a metaphor for a toxic relationship.

You beat each other down as u get weaker & more desperate ur shots get dirty & you fight cheap. You lose sight of what ur even fighting for. When someone finally wins, what have they really won? won a fight. lost the person you love.

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Released: 02 Jun 2017

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