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Hawkins Soars on Soulful Live Sessions


New Zealand singer and songwriter Hawkins returns with the first of three mesmerising live recordings, recorded and filmed at the famed Roundhead Studios.

Today the Auckland-based artist treats fans to a stirring and soulful rendition of the song "Lost Ones".

Today’s release, ‘Lost Ones’, is described by Hawkins as a fun song that throws back to the Motown sound.

The song is actually a commentary on my experience (as a participant and observer) of the darker side of the industry and especially the 'I love you, you're perfect, now change' pigeon-holing that comes with it. How some people start wanting to be an artist and somehow compromise to the point of losing themselves in the quest for fame. It is a cautionary reminder to remember yourself and stand strong in who you are,” he says.


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In a series of live releases, "What Have You Done" will follow on October 7, and "All This Time" on October 14.

Hawkins’ powerful vocals are paired with compelling lyricism, and each song is brought to life with exquisitely shot live videos.

This live collection pays tribute to the music Hawkins grew up on. Steeped in R&B and soul, with a nod to the sounds of yesteryear, the songs allow a sneak peek of what is still to come from Hawkins on his debut album, scheduled for release in February 2021.

The live songs are an extension of the album and an indicator of what it will be,” he explains. “I want people to feel nostalgic listening to it, as though they sound familiar because it reminds them of an artist, a genre or an era. I really wanted to sing live and give insight to what it might be like to hear them as such.”

Listen to "Lost Ones" HERE

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