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After shooting the video for the album's first release Body in Palm Springs, it was time for something different, so HIGH HØØPS aka Jordan Arts created the video for new single Madly all by himself in the not-so-lush surrounds of a Royal Oak car park. The decision to go DIY shouldn't be a surprise from Arts - he wrote, produced and played every instrument on his forthcoming record Seasons On Planet Earth, and he's a director and cinematographer by day.

The big budget video for Body was something Arts had always wanted to do. "Idyllic, slick camera work, outrageous location. But when it came to shooting a video for Madly, I had an idea to make it singlehanded."

Arts convinced the label to let him hire a camera and tripod for one night and make something happen.

"I’d been drip feeding music as HIGH HØØPS for a while but never really revealed an incredible amount of personality - I would always let the music do that. But for Madly I wanted to make something that felt like you were riding with me for the night, you’re welcome in my zone, get to know me type thing.

"It was a challenge to myself to make something connectable but with a budget constraint. There was no one else on set so I would set up the tripod and walk into frame, check the focus then correct and go back into frame again. It was silly, but it was my stupid idea."

What resulted is a video that's full of style, humour and the newly invented HIGH HØØPS hotstep.

I never thought I’d be hotstepping in the Royal Oak Mall carpark at 4am in the morning, the scene lit by my car headlights.

Seasons On Planet Earth will be released on Friday 21 September on A Label Called Success on digital platforms and on LP at your favourite record store. 

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Released: 21 Sep 2018

Written By: Radio13