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Hoo! by Hoo!

Produced in partnership with LiveChinaMusic

William Griffith
Hoo! - Ramble

Tight songwriting and infectious hooks run amuck in Hoo!’s exceptional debut, out on Merrie Records.

The Guangzhou indie outfit, whose youthful vigour is coloured in shades of city pop and scrappy alternative rock, is anchored by the dynamic voice of lead singer Luo Jun, who brings an eccentric yet deviant prowess to many of the songs irresistible melodies.

There’s not a weak song in the eight-track release - from the floor-stopping cathartic chorus of Ramble 漫步 to the playful flirtation of Pinch - each song stays strong on its own two feet.

Hot-blooded and fierce - the new generation of indie rock has something to say. Hoo!

Radio 13 thanks William Griffith from for his introduction above. 

Music 作曲:Hoo! 
Lyrics 作词:Luo Jun 罗隽
Vocals 人声:Luo Jun 罗隽
Guitars 吉他:Jiang Xianzhe, Luo Jun 江贤哲,罗隽
Bass Guitar 贝斯:Huang Jiage黄嘉阁
Drums 鼓:Li Yuanzhen 李沅臻
Additional Instruments 附加乐器:Uncle Hu 胡希可
Producer 制作人:Uncle Hu 胡希可
Recording Engineer 录音:Yang Haisong 杨海崧 @Psychic Kong
Mixing and masterwork 混音/母带:Uncle Hu 胡希可
Cover Art 封面插画:Chen Nianying陈念莹
Design 平面设计:Nate Zhang

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Released: 29 Jun 2020

Written By: William Griffith William Griffith is a photographer, videographer, writer, and music promoter living in Beijing/Shanghai for over ten years. He’s the founder of LiveChinaMusic - a site dedicated to China's evolving underground music scene - and a co-founder of Subtropical Asia - a platform that promotes creatives around Asia through film. You can usually find him with a camera and a beer at a gig.