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James Reyne To Release New Album

Toon Town Lullaby is out July 10


Toon Town Lullaby – James Reyne’s first studio album in eight years – features searingly honest reflections on missed opportunities (A Little Ol’ Town South Of Bakersfield), the music industry (Low Hanging Fruit) and the modern world (Burning Books).

There’s also a moving tribute to James’ best mate (The Tallest Man I Ever Knew) and ruminations on romance. “In matters of the misses,” James notes in Calamity Jane, “there is one who kisses, and the other who offers the cheek.” 

Dig deep and you’ll also find references to some songwriting greats, including Warren Zevon, David Allan Coe, Jimmy Buffett and Blaze Foley.

Produced by Dorian West and James Reyne, Toon Town Lullaby James’ 12th solo studio album – also features James’ stab at trying to write a love song called Trying To Write A Love Song.  The Album is released on July 10th. Check out the title track:

Written By: Radio13