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Josiah Johnson has Every Feeling on a Loop


Five years ago when Josiah Johnson took a leave of absence from the acclaimed indie-folk band The Head and the Heart, the question was less where Johnson's star would take him and more whether his struggles with addiction would end his music career. Like many musicians before him, Johnson turned to drugs to cope with the burnout and anxiety that came with his new life. During the recording of the band’s third album, Johnson left to enter rehab and a journey of healing began.

On his debut solo album Every Feeling on a Loop, out today, lush musical arrangements and harmonies support Johnson’s baritone crooning. At times, the songs sound like prayers. At others, his exuberance feels like the euphoria he’d always sought, this time hard earned and wiser. He says he feels like a new person making it, charting his journey out of the dark into the wide awake of the morning, using the magic that was his all along.

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and "The World's Not Gonna End"

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