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Josie Moon - Rose Tinted EP (Independent)

Call Me

Earlier this month Josie Moon released After Hours and Call Me, gearing up for the release of her EP ROSE TINTED, Friday the 31st of August. If you're a fan of contemporary pop, Josie's new EP is your new set of party anthems. A mix of Theia, Anne-Marie and Billie Eilish seem to influence Josie Moon's compilation of well constructed songs.

Clever and honest words from the 21 year old.

Listening to her previous EP's Lone and Pulse, Rose Tinted showcases her improving vocals and ability to be, well... human. Each track paints a story, similar stories, but clear images nonetheless, through lyrics that she is the sole writer for. "The only truth I get is your answer phone".. "I'm self medicating just to keep up".. Clever and honest words from the 21 year old.

First up, is Call Me, the opening alone is intriguing enough. A creative piece that indulges in the idea of a phone call and sticks with it for the entirety of the song. The continuous drum beat however has me needing more variety. The bridge is my safe zone and I was pleasantly surprised by the muffled phone call because it added some variety, but by the start of the third chorus, I'm ready for the next song. 


Baby continues the heart-warmingly honest love-saga with light synths and a classic song structure. The gorgeous breathy tones in her voice add an element of transparency while she sings about the realities of a fling or relationship. "Wish that we could keep this up.." 

Then we get to Josie Moon's Use Me (Interlude) a special track that she 's included in Rose Tinted. This is a signature of sorts that Moon incorporates into her EP's. She layers the audio from some sort of scene, whether it be from a film or a real-life experience, onto a short instrumental track both of which maintain the overall theme of the EP. Rose Tinted's special track includes film audio of Jane and Alex arguing about stolen money, which turns into fantasies about running away together and end's with "Go make us a drink". It brings out the atmospheric quality in the EP through the focus on the backing track and ongoing theme of love and relationships.


Unsurprisingly, After Hours made the NZ Viral 50 Charts on Spotify and undertheradar called it “a hair-swinging electronic pop anthem.” The fourth track on Rose Tinted builds and crashes effectively, the lyrics sparing in the versus and overflowing in the chorus make it a strong sing-along dance track. 

97 (Hurt) is the most 'un-masked' song on the EP, not only because of the subtle swearing but because of the power-vocals in the chorus. Her development as a vocalist and an artist is most-obvious in her final track on Rose Tinted, closing the EP on a high and leaving us intrigued to what she'll do next.


If you're a fan of Josie Moon, you've got to be a huge fan of her new EP. Not only does it challenge her previous works in the way she's developed as an artist, but she's also maintained her personal sound and hasn't developed the point that she's lost her identity, a fear shared by many independent artists. The idea of 'rose tinted' is a powerful metaphor that is well received in all elements of the EP, i.e; album art, song titles, order of tracks and the special track. It's clear that she's worked incredibly hard on Rose Tinted and I feel this is a compilation of works that won't not go unnoticed in New Zealand.

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Released: 31 Aug 2018

Written By: Radio13