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Kathy Bates Motel Cool their Heels


Kathy Bates Motel lead by Joe Lonie (Supergroove) release their second single "Cool Your Heels", a seductive pop song about attraction. It captures the brief moment when two people “click” before fate, self-doubt, narcissism and psychological baggage intervene. 

The four-piece's sophomore single is packed with widescreen guitar-driven rock of very high quality. The song starts with a driving drum beat (Milan Borich) which continues throughout, enhancing the drama, tension and intensity of the song. Jol Mulholland supplies his signature sparkling guitar pop riffs and elegant analogue keyboards. Bassist Morgan Leary trades sweet yet sour vocal lines with guitarist Joe Lonie taking the day-to-day ellipses of modern romance and elevating them to a level of art.

Joe Lonie

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Written By: Radio13