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Lawrence Arabia's Meaningless Words

Meaningless Words

One of New Zealand’s most acclaimed songwriters returns to releasing music, but in a new way. Feeling strangled by music industry release norms of premieres, deadlines and embargoes on his music, Lawrence Arabia (James Milne) decided to take a step closer to his fans, sending them his new music as he makes it. Milne describes his seventh offering Meaningless Words as an "ambiguous sketch," typically underplaying the lushness of the recording of strings, brass and vocal overlays that form an epic rumination on the songwriting process and the current state of the world.

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Adding to the Lawrence Arabia's Singles Club stalwarts of Alistair Deverick on drums and James Dansey on mixing and mastering duties are supremely talented instrumentalists, Peau Halapua (violin), Tim Stewart from Hopetoun Brown (trumpet) and Jeff Henderson (clarinet/saxophones) also director of the Audio Foundation.


Meaningless words
Throw them out into the void
For you to party
For to keep me employed
Just for my little one who wakes me up and makes me feel older
And wants to listen to the records of her favourite dead rockstars.

I lie asleep
Floating on the clover
The rents aren’t steep
Now society smoulders
And there is no one in whose eyes that we can do something wrong,
So we make angels in the ashes while we’re singing the Thong Song.


Meaningless Words
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Written By: Radio13