Andy Bell - Love Comes In Waves
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Love Comes in Waves for Ride's Andy Bell

Reuben Raj

80s Britrock legends Ride's Andy Bell shared the lead single "Love Comes in Waves" from his first-ever solo album, The View From Halfway Down.

The new album is expected for release on October 09 via Sonic Cathedral but a limited white and blue splatter vinyl version will only be available via Bandcamp

The View From Halfway Down was firstly inspired by the death of David Bowie but Bell, like many others, was forced to look back on his own life during the COVID lockdown. 

“I’ve always wanted to make a solo album. I’ve always said I would do it, although I never imagined it happening like, or sounding like, this one does. I’d been sitting on this pile of almost finished tracks, along with all the other hundreds of ideas that had fallen by the wayside since I’ve been making music. Lockdown gave me the opportunity to find a way to present it to the world.” 

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Released: 09 Oct 2020

Written By: Reuben Raj Reuben is a film and digital photographer who is driven by music in his head. Often seen lurking behind a camera inside the pit of a concert or wandering the streets of China with a blond, Reuben harbours intimate feelings for vinyl records and his Hasselblad SW/C from 1965. He is also the founder of Radio 13.